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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  January 13, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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rude bureau chief about her tweet she disputed the fact that she ever gave praise to the man or his so called journalism i dispute that they gave praise to the journalist or his journalist i pointed out that standing out in the field and continuing to talk while explosions they were not all around you is brave she still admires his bravery though the mainstream media has a history of becoming in chanted by jihadi affiliated want to be reporters take. the story teller when it came to the battle for aleppo people executed it's as simple as that what can i do here and see a blend in the crowd i don't think so am i going to turn my so over to regime forces absolutely no so what that he's giving a platform to a suicide bomber right at least he's taking all the right boxes they say you have to protect human rights. they support the terrorism so how on earth. ports human rights support terrorism that's that's the bottom line of the
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hippocratic the have double standards if this happens in the u.s. mainland would they accept terrorists to be available terrorist organizations. to say they have good cause of course not the mainstream media has a habit of putting itself on a journalistic pedestal getting the facts right giving balance and using trusted sources but those standards appear to be selective and only if the story fits the cover you've done of. the fighting in syria is now concentrated in a liberal vns the only major area of the country still held by rebel forces here is exclusive video that we've obtained of government troops battling. that's the al qaeda affiliate formerly known as al nusra.
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and then you all far right rally is marching through the central streets of paris this saturday evening these are the latest pictures that we've received from the so-called parlous pride march organized by a youth group known as generation identity hundreds of people are taking part in the french capital rally carrying flowers and banners reading defend this march has
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been held annually since two thousand and five. meanwhile in neighboring germany a children's t.v. channel has caused controversy by airing a documentary about the relationship between a syrian man and his german girlfriend critics say it fails to challenge the repression of women here's a clip stuff i cannot wear short things always long things i cannot accept my wife looking like this this is very difficult for me and for arab men in general i do not like other guys talking to my girlfriend she belongs to me i belong those are my rules. does doesn't mean we can't see pork this is forbidden. that is often called it's what's written in the koran it's not ok to eat it pork is not normal meat and so i ask do i really have to eat pork to this will have to live together i stopped eating it. well one concern per into describes herself as
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a qualified psychologist has written an open letter calling the program quote on attack on the amounts of patients when she says the channel is portraying a repressive relationship in a positive light we got reaction from two guests with opposing views on the program in multan western european society and certainly in germany there are a lot of stories migrants have lots of stories there are lots of different realities nowadays we're in a climate changing realities. you know if we have stories about young syrian people whether they're young adults whether the mine is who are mixing with into mingling with living lives alongside germans or other europeans i think we should be taught to tell these stories as long as those stories are not. seeding discontent hate breeding or trying to be divisive i don't think it's the role of the government or a government agency to to work the children against continuing the values and
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cultures of their parents i don't have a problem with a mosque or a private organization pushing this sort of thing but you know what kind of taxpayer winds to have his values denigrated and subverted with his own children by the people he's paying and that is the primary you see this. these in life and death situation are called i said resettling in resettling into the west now you don't get to stop the wild and just say i want to get off you when you see like a real single idea you said at the top of the hour i believe it was a lie right that guy pretended to be sixteen he wasn't sixteen so the kids were lied to from the very start so you have seven and eight year olds who are watching this romantic thing i'm not even sure that was appropriate ok and so let's start there this is not. really about the ideas of those people it's not really about
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freedom of expression or journalism this is actually about saying look at these we had muslims and brown people with funny views on pushing you know it isn't you know sessions on vulnerable young citizens i don't even know if this is a real romance this contrived romance was being deliberately sold to these kids as a way of undermining our setting the table for the undermining of maybe what i believe are the intentions of the parents parents have a right to continue their family legacies and their culture and this undermines it on the taxpayer dime police officers in new york are taking legal action against the city's leaders for releasing bodycount video to the public we get into the details after this. join me every thursday on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you.
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altie we have a great team but we need to strengthen before the free float world called. to keep it so it's at the back. qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of them waving spirit to the. recently had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best form since my last will call. the euro zone. left left left more or less ok stop that's really good.
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eighteen minutes into the program you're very welcome back to new york's largest police union is suing its own commissioner on the city's administration over the release of body count videos this was this has serious implications not only for the safety in g. process rights of police officers but for the privacy and rights of members of the public as well the union claims the release of video from officers body cameras is a breach of citizen's previously now being that the administration uses quote arbitrary and inconsistent parameters and is guided by political considerations one case in point is an incident last september when a man was shot after pointing a toy gun at police video was released despite fears it could jeopardize an ongoing investigation a former officer who blew the whistle on police activities believes the current system allows his videos to be used for political gain. i don't think it's an all
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of a sudden decision if you actually read the lawsuit in the very first paragraph it states clearly what it wants and all it's asking for in the gist of the complaint is for these body camera videos not to be used selectively for political gain that that's that's all that it's asking for it's asking for a better system for these to be disseminated out into the public and as of right now the two people that the complaint is listing against for seemingly abusing the authority is for the blasio and the police commissioner itself so the complaint says that it wants just not selective you videos being removed. last year three body count videos were released by the new york police department two of them show officers shooting and killing suspects a local news channel paid thirty six thousand dollars to show additional footage the union say's the videos are selected to make a point outing not they could be from years ago but are being used to highlight current issues
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a warning you may find the upcoming images distressing. are .
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three point zero. zero zero zero zero to. find out what. you're seeing police officers being pawns in political games or get political gain . and they need to be protected they're in the middle between the laws the law makers the people they're supposed to patrol and police the laws over and then their body camera usage their squad car video footage is all being used either for them or against them as a as a pawn moving game and it's just not fair. for the fall and so are highly
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disparaging remarks donald trump reportedly made about haiti el salvador and african countries is continuing to grow during around to in the oval office the president allegedly branded them in crude or terms second rate countries on the some have pointed out to make matters worse the timing was particularly unfortunate transformer election rival hillary clinton drew attention to the fact that the comments came on the eight year anniversary of a devastating earthquake in haiti which killed more than two hundred thousand people and one c.n.n. anchor he even became quite emotional in his response to trump's remarks patients slap your hand hard when they shake it they look you in the eye they don't blink they stand tall and they have dignity it's a dignity many in this white house could learn from it's a dignity the president with all his money and all his power could learn from as well but even before being hit by the earthquake which also severely damaged the
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country's infrastructure and left it on able to provide many basic services haiti had been blighted by hundreds of years of hardship after gaining independence from france at the beginning of the two hundred said took the u.s. almost sixty years to acknowledge its independence and during that time it imposed a trade embargo in haiti which was already struggling with enormous debts the monday by fronts in the twentieth century haiti was also occupied by u.s. marines for almost two decades so was to protect washington's economic interests washington also gave hundreds of millions in aid to the brutal regime of duvalier intervene weiss militarily. african affairs analyst lawrence freeman is live in the program to talk more about for like a very welcome to the program how do you interpret these alleged remarks especially given the often exploitative interventionist rule that the u.s. has played in many of these countries to advance its own interests well my area
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especially africa and not of course president trump's remarks if they were made by air are quite unfortunate but the more important and larger question is what is the u.s. policy for africa and unfortunately what we see from this administration after a year is similar to see you in the previous administrations which is the united states and the west in general does not have a policy to advance the interests of african people and that is a very serious question well that is what i'm getting to know because why do you think haiti seems to be getting the most attention by some distance in the u.s. media is it indicative of a general neglect of africa in the western media. well look at it this way. sub-saharan africa is in very difficult shape because of hundreds of years of slavery and colonialism and then after independence no infrastructure was built by
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the western countries and this is only because of the change in the last ten years but china so how the lack of tricity lack of water lack of roads it's appalling and this has not been great except by a few of us over many years now the obama administration the clinton administration the bush administration none of the others just this question in the media did not see it important to take up at that time so i think that some real hypocrisy going on here as with the question is how what's the reaction could u.s. relations with african nations not be affected and if so to what extent could it encourage them to to further turn away from the u.s. and look towards perhaps places like china for more investment for more interest there. well right now the african countries are already
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turning to china china's new silk will is now in transforming the world but it's the first time that infrastructure has been built in a significant size in africa since declaw your period we have railroads being built for the first time in over one hundred years with china's assistance so the african countries have already celt the sat at the united states and the west has turned away from them for several decades the question is can we get the united states to join with china join with the so growth build the energy plants that need to be built build a rare roof be built this is what's on the table now and unfortunately trump's added to it in his program that he's put forward for africa aside from his comments is he's not going to do that he's focused on security questions and character is him and that won't work without it going on with developing can connect with security terrorist proper assertive thanks so much for coming on the program and
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sharing your thoughts on on what looks to be a developing issue african affairs analyst lawrence k. freeman thank you that's the news for now more r.t. programs right ahead. that's geysers financial survive they say money to develop. it is it is essential packs of four diagram is kind of carbon right now so i stopped. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than forty six customs place. is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. it is from is all plus the procedures in
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place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like picasso and modigliani kept boards and sold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand it's a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business.
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you know. i just want to. tell you this is boom bust broadcast signal for the around the world from washington d.c. i'm partial to. coming up hotels motels holiday you will talk about the hotel sector going into the new year and trinity charges joins us from the beating heart of the world's financial sector wall street where the bulls are still feeding as record market numbers continue to climb and canada takes the united states to court
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at the world trade organization is it about more than lumber and is canada really speaking for other nations which think the united states has gone too far in its protectionist policies alex mahela bitch helped to unwind that mystery plus we caught up with pollan cook about self driving cars before he left the consumer electronics show in vegas lots of really neat stuff first let's get to the business and financial headlines for the day. the european central bank might be moving to curtail their bond buying program known as quantitative easing or c q e sooner than expected as the nineteen member euro zone rebounds from. recession quicker than anticipated e.c.b. notes released from their december board meeting reveal that some think the e.c.b. is q.e. is too aggressive for the times the notes indicate that the bank may soften its previously stated policy of continuing to buy sixty billion euros worth of bonds
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through september and reduce that amount by patapsco half the eurozone economy is better than it has been in a decade with unemployment as we reported on this program last week at a nine year low. in related news e.c.b. president mario draghi credited with saving the euro zone economy in july of two thousand and twelve when he pledged to do quote unquote whatever it takes to preserve the euro will be stepping down at the end of may when his eight year term ends. the united kingdom's hotel sector received a thirty five percent increase in investment last year totaling five billion pounds more than fifty percent of that five billion came from foreign investors as the u.k.'s hotel industry saw an increase in travelers including more tourists to the u.k. than ever before. and
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on that topic we are joined by president founder of straw mark a global business development firm henry ford which hilary thank you for being here you're welcome ok so how has the hotel sector done in the past in the last year or so and put it in perspective given to related things like food service industry yes the hotel industry has just taken off and it will continue to do so particularly over the last two years and what you're finding particular when you mention with regard to the u.k. a lot of this has to also do with the chinese traveling the number one destination for the chinese is the u.k. and you know anywhere that the chinese money is going is going and it's probably not coming here as much we're not as welcoming right in the u.s. it seems with the new president it's not that when we would as welcoming but it has affected actually in terms of globally you look at what mario just made that big mistake in china because of course on their website they by accident i suppose
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posted a separate site for taiwan for tibet from macau and hong kong that is entries and china doesn't like that chinese are now boycotting marial which is american and agro that has ramifications well jump around here a little bit so you mention. what about these programs like myriad starwood joining together how is that working or do we see more consolidation like that in the hotel industry yes we are going to see it in the middle market the middle market is growing exponentially mainly because of the experience will demond versus product demand you find that millennial is and also actually the graying of america millennialism graying of america both want greater experiences and that's what's causing a lot of this growth what's the number one experience trouble that's what's causing . that yeah it's like the exponential growth is coming from the drive for experiences versus products now when you when you talk of the growth i know dylan
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did this report recently they talked about a five or six percent growth in hotels for this next year are they right in that report that report that not all the right notes yes i wouldn't question anything that report it was accurate only one thing that it omitted did not touch upon the fact that while the hotel industry is a cyclical industry as a many to usually sort of like a ten year cycle it will be different because as i mentioned grain of america this huge bubble from the baby boom is going to travel again with the forces of how exponentially experiences are growing but also the technological factor it is easy it doesn't matter who you are way you are it is an easy thing to do was travel was more time consuming than it is now with the click of your phone you could be at the airport and on the trip. and absolutely don't from experience as a prime sure you have to yes so that's what might change the cycle and they didn't mention that in the report otherwise yes accurate ok well that's
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a pretty shit you sharing that intel with us right here for better than do it good for you now wouldn't say that even though i have a k p n g background i wouldn't say that you definitely see it if you have a cape in the back row ok now what about expedient in these sorts of sites that are seem to be consolidating themselves it is that working out for them what do you see in the future what i see is that they have to be globally more sensitive than they've ever had to be we just mention mariel's little snafu so to speak everybody remembers the car example of the car that went into south america it was the nova nova doesn't know my god doesn't know i forgot about doesn't go so you know i think that companies have to be very sensitive in terms of sensibilities actually if you want to touch upon k p m g when i was head of global business development we had a strategy it was called global strategy local implementation what's important for expedia is that they locally have to tweak their offering the world might have
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become more homogeneous in terms of many things many aspects of their site will work but there are some that they have to be careful about that will be the number one difference and the concern going doubly you know it we get all the accounting firms in here my wife works for you and why the young and and part of her job was to ensure that you know throughout these countries all over the world they had the right language they were saying the right things they were particularly respectful of what was going on in china where as you say people need to be sensitive not just politically sensitive but they need to be sensitive but who the customers are and the consumers so with expedia what the number one tip i have for them is if that as they expand into foreign countries would be to find someone who's either from that country particularly somebody who's also had american education living somebody who is you know trans a transatlantic type person or a trans. global type person because that person will understand the cultural sensitivities of doing business in that particular nation or that particular region of what we are very little that we can do it all sometimes don't we that everybody
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around the world does not speak english i'm not saying that we can't but it gives an advise of all to take those local cultures under consideration so work or the big things the. things go into this year that the c.e.o.'s in the hotel industry need to be thinking about other than being sort of politically sensitive to customers consumers the other big trend of course is health and wellness generations previously older people what do they do they want to sit in a deck chair on the on the cruise ship no longer you don't have to look at some of those do some of us don't but you don't have to look at any further than your local mall where actually in the in the retail industry they're finding that while the department stores people actually go to malls to work out they used to be the bad guy in the mall the more owners didn't even want them now they're big revenue generator so the whole hotel industry is looking at how can they almost become a wellness center how can they have health experts on site how can they be almost like the spar retreat that they never were previously and i think an industry that's also finally going to turn to that as the golf industry the golf industry
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historically was you know your belly to the bar type of the collar the collar montgomery look and now after tiger woods all of them jordan spaeth and all the rest they're fit they're healthy they're lean so every traveler to a certain degree has that aspect of desire not every the majority and that's a trend that did not exist ten twenty thirty years ago super insightful hillary for bridget strong work c.e.o. and president thank you so much what a pleasure to have your oprah comeback thank you. with the stock market reaching new horrors every few days our kids trinity charges puts the numbers in perspective she joins us from the heart of the global financial center manhattan right there near wall street trinity twenty eighteen is off to an amazing start for wall street we've seen the market close at record highs almost every day even surpassing the twenty five thousand mark. what it means is every
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time you see that number go up or wall street it means jobs i mean success it means for a one carries that a flourish the most impressive milestone yet for the dow jones industrial average twenty five thousand which really shows the explosive growth in stocks over the past year down as high as closing record hit twenty five thousand five hundred seventy four point seventy three on january eleventh marking a milestone among the year's highest closing records since president trump has taken office we have seen more than ninety two stock market record highs and president trump certainly argues that this is all about the make america great again agenda we did in fact break twenty five thousand very substantially break in very easily. so i guess our new numbers there he says that the president tweeting out on january fifth quote dow goes from eighteen thousand five hundred eighty nine on november ninth two thousand and sixteen to twenty five thousand seventy five today for a new all time record jump one thousand points in the last five weeks records fast
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as one thousand point move in history this is all about the make america great again agenda jobs jobs jobs six trillion dollars in value created we're seeing a trend that white house is putting out to people like. american the blue chips for the first time ever hit twenty thousand on january sixth two thousand and seventeen and the market for the most part has been steadily climbing ever since and two thousand and seventeen for the first time ever the dow reached for one thousand point milestones in one year in march the dow hit twenty one thousand an early august twenty two thousand and. knocked over twenty three thousand and just thirty trading days after that mark the dow closed at twenty four thousand the dow had seventy one record highs for the year the nasdaq had seventy two and the s. and p. five hundred had seventy three the dow was up more than twenty three percent last year compared to two thousand and sixteen this year's rising stock prices have largely been credited to a global economic recovery.


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